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Peter T. Secker was born in a small midwestern city in northern Illinois. He attended the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts and majored in design and commercial art. After college, in 1977, he began his career and has worked as creative director for noted design studios and as a senior stylist in the gift products industry. He now owns his own company and continues to be active in commercial art. However, he has continued to expand his creativity to fine art and writing.

His passion is conceptual design and oil painting. You will see a variety of images, styles and techniques within these pages. He does not limit his design to a specific style, but executes an idea with the style or technique that has the synergy to communicate his message.

Synergism is the element that guides his passion. It unifies genetics, nurturing, education, experience, environment, emotion and imagination. This culminates to spark inspirations through final execution.

As a result, he also writes. He began publishing children's book in 2007 after his first grandchild was born. He has authored and illustrated books such as; Loriel Meets the Candy Fairy, Frik & Frak from A to Z, Freeman Frog's 20 Number 1 Favorite Things, and I Love You More Than...,

We hope you enjoy his work. We're confident that your investment in any of these pieces will pay dividends and benefits of joy and sincere value.








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