Classic Cobra #1/999
by Peter T. Secker
20"wx16"h year: 2006

Cobra #1/999: framed $650.00:
Cobra #1/999: unframed $575.00:

Extended Series: ONLY $275.00 ea. unframed

Classic Cobra #1/999

Pictured is the first in a series of original oil paintings offered by fine artist, Peter T. Secker. Each painting is hand-painted with vibrant oil paints which will last for generations.

Extended Series:

Every painting in this series will adhere to the design composition as pictured. However, colors will vary. The Classic Cobra will change from red to bright yellow, to classic racing blue or British racing green. The background colors will also vary to compliment the color of the automobile.

The first painting in a series demands the most attention and time to work out the composition and the design. Thus, these paintings are a bit more expensive than subsequent paintings in a series.

Paintings in the extended series will be priced at $350.00 each framed. We offer a black satin frame for all of our paintings.

If you would like to frame the painting yourself, you may purchase an extended series painting for $275.00.

Each painting is shipped with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist and is gauranteed to arrive unharmed.


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Custom Paintings:

Mr. Secker will be glad to paint an automobile of your choice in place of the Classic Cobra. Custom paintings are considered one-of-a-kind and are priced accordingly. You must supply a detailed photo of the automobile you wish to have in your custom painting before we can offer a quotation.

For more information on Custom Paintings, or to inquire more about our Extended Series, please call: 815.578.9171.

For email inquiries: has been on the internet since 1996 advertising and selling original art. Customer satisfaction always has and will continue to be our outmost concern.

As Mr. Secker's reputation grows, so will the value of his art. Prices are subject to change without notice.


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