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Peter T. Secker is a creative fine artist and a student of a genre he calls "Stylized Synergy." Stylized Synergy is the artistic culmination of what creates talent and makes a person human. It is a person's biological energy combined with genetics, nurturing, education, experience, environment, emotion, imagination, passion and decisions.

His paintings and works of art are not attempts to be photo-realistic, nor completely abstract. He enjoys combining graphic, abstract and impressionism techniques to enhance recognizable subjects. He is inspired by concepts that motivate his message using media, technique and originality. He has studied many of the great masters and admires the work and styles of most artists, but believes in following the synergy within himself to develop his ideas. Many times, this allows him to combine different genres and/or different graphic styles into an image of his vision.

His "Forgotten" series began in 2007. He had the idea for the "Unhappy Face" series in the mid 1990s, but did not finish the first painting until 2021. His "Cabin" series began in 1974 and was instrumental in his pursuit of an artistic career. It also allowed him to create and develop as a fine artist while he successfully worked in the commercial arts.

Peter was born in a small midwestern city in northern Illinois. He attended the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts and majored in design and commercial art. After college, in 1977, he began his career as a commercial artist and has worked as creative director for noted design studios and gift products companies. He currently owns Thomas Sebastian Companies and, even though he is retired, continues to be active in commercial art. However, his passion now is devoted to fine art.

He also writes. He began publishing children's book in 2007 after his first grandchild was born. He has authored and illustrated books such as; Loriel Meets the Candy Fairy, Frik & Frak from A to Z, Freeman Frog's 20 Number 1 Favorite Things, and I Love You More Than...,

We hope you enjoy his work. We're confident that your investment in any of these pieces will pay dividends with benefits of joy and sincere value.








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Loriel Meets the Candy Fairy
I Love You More Than...
Frik and Frak from A to Z
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